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Sophisticated and elegant wedding styling

Your wedding flowers can be transformative, lighting up tables, tumbling down staircases and from mantels, or forming a backdrop in living colour. However, flowers often need a helping hand to make their magic, and that’s where my styling services come in. 

For couples who have booked my floristry services, I offer a beautifully curated range of props, vessels and other décor items that will elevate your space and make you feel like you’re stepping into another world. 

These styling items are sophisticated and timeless, perfect for a wedding with romance and elegance at its heart. I’ll guide you through the possibilities, and will personally style and set up your celebration space according to the styling plan we’ve made together.

Whether your heart is set on glimmering gold candelabras, table runners in exquisite fabric, beautiful urns or statement moon gate backdrops, my selection of props is here to help.

It was beyond everything we could have hoped for.

Thank you again for the amazing work you did for our wedding. The flowers were beautiful.

– naomi