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Santorini Blooms: Flourish with Paula Rooney’s Floral Workshop

In October, I found myself in a whirlwind of floral enchantment on the stunning island of Santorini. The universe seemed to play a role in making it all happen, redirecting plans to place me at the heart of an incredible one-to-one wedding workshop led by the illustrious Paula Rooney. A journey that turned into an unforgettable experience that exceeded every expectation I had.

Lucy Ann Events and Charlotte Wise Photography served as the visionary duo who made it all happen. Their expertise and collaboration brought together a collective of passionate and like-minded individuals, creating a vibrant and enriching workshop.

The workshop commenced with an exclusive one-to-one mentoring session with Paula, an experience that felt surreal – discussing business aspirations poolside with the expertise of a professional. This experience exceeded the boundaries of any ordinary workshop; it expanded horizons and deepened my love for the art of floral design. It proved to be a worthwhile investment in personal growth, enabling me to flourish, adapt, and thrive within the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of the floral industry.

During our leisure time, Santorini was a haven for exploration, boasting picturesque, cobbled streets adorned with vibrant pink Bougainvillea and iconic, blue-domed rooftops. The sun-soaked days provided stunning views, perfectly complemented by delicious Greek cuisine, a heavenly combination.

On Day 2, our challenges involved retrieving flowers from customs and transporting all our equipment to the venue. Given the substantial quantity and reliance on Greek transport, it proved to be a considerable task between just three of us. Upon arriving at the venue, we were taken aback by the strong winds, calling for extra care to ensure nothing was blown away while conditioning the flowers. The breath-taking venue and its surroundings left us in awe, building anticipation for the upcoming photo shoot. 

The pinnacle of the workshop arrived on Install and Photoshoot Day at the spectacular Diamond Rock Wedding Venue. An early start called for coffees to go, as we were filled with excitement. Crafting the ethereal ‘gyp clouds’ using chicken wire to withstand the island’s winds marked the initial phase. Upon securing these clouds in place, the next step involved adorning the structure with delicate silk blooms, and fashioning larger cloud-like shapes on the pergola.

The completion of the ceremony installation led us to focus on the exquisite table florals. A magnificent runner, adorned with luxurious roses and gypsophila, brought floral opulence to the table. Elaborate floral puddles cascaded from each end of the runner, creating an artistic and enchanting display. The scene was elevated by the warm, flickering glow of candlelight, dancing gracefully among the floral centrepiece. Carefully placed stationery, echoing the island’s timeless charm, provided the final touch, blending seamlessly with the captivating floral design, forming an awe-inspiring tablescape.

After meticulously completing the arrangements, the atmosphere shifted as photographers captured the breathtaking setup with models in position for an exciting photoshoot.  The models, dressed in exquisite wedding gowns and complemented by stunning accessories, added to the enchantment.

The Diamond Rock Wedding Venue

Paula’s guidance throughout the hands-on process was invaluable. This experience went beyond a workshop, evolving into an immersive journey where passion and learning came together. It expanded my floral knowledge and revealed the unseen complexities of planning a destination wedding. The coordination involved, including transport logistics, equipment management, and weather considerations, opened my eyes to new aspects of executing such events.

I came back from the trip more excited and insightful, with a deeper passion for floral design.The memories created and the lessons learned during those few days will undoubtedly shape my floral journey for years to come. Santorini with Paula Rooney provided an experience that went far beyond expectations, strengthening my appreciation for the artistry of flowers.

Photography by Veronika Joy.

Floral Design by Paula Rooney

Workshop & Styling by Charlotte Wise Photography

Planning & Design by Lucy Ann Events

Hair & Make up by Chloe GH Bridal

Stationary by Liv Laermann

Bridal Gowns by Gibson Bespoke & Liz Martinez

Earrings by Gibson Bespoke